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I'm a research associate (Akad. Rat auf Zeit) at the Institute of Analysis at the Leibniz University Hannover.


Email: k.fritzsch at math.uni-hannover.de

Room: f126 in the main building (1101), but I am working from home at the moment

Office Hours: upon request by email, preferably Mondays 2 - 4pm

Leibniz Universität Hannover
Institut für Analysis
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover

Research Interests

I work in geometric singular analysis and in particular study partial differential equations on singular spaces. Specifically, I work on:

  • analysis on manifolds with corners and pseudodifferential operator calculi on singular spaces
  • the Calderón projector and the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on manifolds with fibred cusps (with Daniel Grieser and Elmar Schrohe)
  • the moduli space of magnetic monopoles and the Sen Conjecture (with Chris Kottke and Michael Singer)


Summer 2020:

  • Analysis II (Assistant)

Winter 2019/20:

  • Analysis I (Assistant)

Summer 2019:

Winter 2018/19:

past terms:

  • Analysis II (Problems Class, Summer 2018)
  • Analysis I (Problems Class, Winter 2017/18)
  • Differential Geometry at University College London
  • Training for teaching assistants for the Fakultät 5 at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg
  • Problems Classes and Assistant for Analysis I-III, Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, Global Analysis, Mathematical Methods in Physics at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg

Publications and Preprints

  • K. Fritzsch, C. Kottke and M. Singer, Monopoles and the Sen Conjecture: Part I, preprint (arXiv:1811.00601)
  • K. Fritzsch, Full Asymptotics and Laurent Series of Layer Potentials for Laplace's Equation on the Half-Space, Math. Nachr., (2019) 2019:1-33 (arXiv:1712.09833).
  • K. Fritzsch, An Adiabatic Decomposition of the Hodge-Theory of Manifolds Fibred over Graphs, Houston J. of Math., 41 (2015), no. 1, 33-58 (arXiv:1712.09832).
  • K. Fritzsch, A Geometric Approach to Mapping Properties of Layer Potential Operators: The Cases of the Half-Space and of Two Touching Domains, PhD thesis, Verlag Dr. Hut, München, 2015.
  • K. Fritzsch, A Spectral Problem on Two Almost Touching Domains, in Geometric Aspects of Spectral Theory, Oberwolfach Reports 9 (2012), no. 3, 2013–2076.
  • K. Fritzsch, Quantum Ergodicity for Quantum Maps on the Torus, in Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Quantum Ergodicity, Oberwolfach Reports 8 (2012), no. 4, 2781–2835.
  • K. Fritzsch, An Adiabatic Decomposition of the Hodge Cohomology of Manifolds Fibred over Graphs, in Analysis and Geometric Singularities, Oberwolfach Reports 7 (2010), no. 2, 1625–1690.